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The First Web3 Decentralized Hedge Fund

Huge Variable APR

Enjoy an excellent variable APR based on the performance of our LP managing experts.

No Hidden Fees

No managing fees for the team, no fees to claim your revenue sharing which is directly airdropped to your wallet.

Security & Control Over Money

No need to hand over your funds for management. Hold the required amount of $HEDGE to be eligible.

Protect Your Identity

No KYC required, no sign-in required, everything is on-chain and anonymous.

Huge Fixed APR

Invest in ETH Without Limits

Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals

Discover our upcoming productThe Hedge Flex FundPublic Launch Q1 2024

  • A.U.M. account: 75%
  • Marketing: 25%
  • Initial Liquidity: 100%

Contract: 0x9356596F872DdC234EcD6f8Bc49C0f9771c595dA

  • 1Symbol: HEDGE
  • 2Name : HEDGE on Eth
  • 3Supply : 100,000,000

HedgeFi Roadmap

Q2 2024

AI-Managed AUM Launch

Launch of our AI-Managed AUM. Airdrop of the related token to $HEDGE holders. Revenue Sharing distribution starts.

END OF Q4 2023

$HEDGE Launch

Launch of the $HEDGE token on Solana. $HEDGE is an SPL2022 contract which benefits from the latest Solana token upgrades.

EARLY Q1 2024

$CMB Migration

Migration of our old $CMB token to a new $HEDGE on Ethereum token. Transfer of the $CMB AUM to $HEDGE on Ethereum.

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